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    Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the training course accredited by Professional Regulation Commission?

Yes. Global Nephro Training Center is recently granted with 40 CPE Units by the Professional Regulation Commission due to its training program competencies and duration.

2. What are the requirements for the training?

The requirements for the training include:

  1. 2 pcs Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  2. Basic Life Support and/or Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  3. Underwent Intravenous Therapy Training or Phlebotomy Training Certification
  4. Hepatitis Profile (HBsAg, Anti-HBs, and Anti-HCV)

3. How long will the training last?

The duration of the training usually lasts for four (4) months inclusive of the one-week rest period.

4. Why is there a one-week rest period?

The one week is allotted for trainees to fulfill their financial responsibility and report to the GNTC office to get their sticker corresponding to the module they would be attending. It is also a rest period for trainees to replenish their energy for the incoming module.

5. Can I skip modules?

A trainee is not allowed to skip modules. To satisfy the requirements of the certificate, they need to complete 120 hours of didactic and 600 hours of clinical duty.

6. Can I delay taking the next module?

Yes, you can. Provided that the whole training must be completed within one year. After a year, those who wish to pursue the program will be interviewed first and negotiations of the modules to be refreshed will be decided by both the training administrator and head nurse.

7. What are the potential opportunities that I can get after training with GNTC?

Global Nephro Training Center, aside from its PRC recognition, has many partner institutions that will open greater heights of opportunities for you locally and abroad! These opportunities include:

  1. A possibility for employment as a hemodialysis staff nurse at Nephro Group of Dialysis Centers and Nephro Synergies;
  2. Getting a chance to be qualified and hired as hemodialysis nurse by Diaverum Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; and
  3. Work in the United States of America as Patient Care Technician through our BONENT PROGRAM.