The Global Nephro Training Center (GNTC) was conceptualized by the partners of the Nephro Group to formalize the dialysis nurse training the company has been doing for the past 16 years. It is to offer a standardized and centralized training for dialysis nurses thereby meeting the demands of providing quality treatment program for renal patients. The trainees have a twofold function:



- They serve as a deep talent pool for the employment needs of the Nephro Group for supplying attrition of employees as well as expansion needs;

- The trainees also provide a source of extra hands and lessen the need to increase headcount in the dialysis centers.

Global Nephrology Training Center strives in providing quality training and will cause to ensure that high standards of learning and responsible nurse trainees are established and maintained. Therefore the institution expects high level of personal integrity and sense of responsibility from its students while on the classroom and field training.


To develop excellent yet affordable training programs in the renal care industry that are holistic in nature -- where technical proficiency is a minimum requirement -- being mindful that in addition to excellent skills the professionals we will graduate will also have the wisdom to see that nurturing the human being goes beyond just nurturing the body.


To become a duly accredited school that trains health care professionals in the different aspects of renal care at par with world standards and with actual hands-on expertise assured and certified. This will enable them to be deployed with skills that are in demand locally and abroad.